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Poets & Poetry of Dogtown

Traditional Ballads of Dogtown


Percy McKaye's opening to his book length "Dogtown Common"

Cape Ann author Lora Clark's eerie "The Wraith of Dogtown"

Rockport's Kitty Parsons' closing to her long poem "Dogtown Common"

Modern Artists Interpret Dogtown

The Epic Gloucester Poets


Vincent Ferrini's mystical "Wat Dogtown Doan Tell"

Vincent Ferrini's series of short "Dogtown Songs"

Vincent Ferrini's magical "The Priestess of Dogtown"

Charles Olson's "Maximus, to Gloucester: letter 7, part 2" inspired by Whale's Jaw

Charles Olson's "Maximus, from Dogtown– I" based on the legend of John Merry


The Painters


Marsden Hartley's"Beethoven (in Dogtown)" and its expansion into "Soliloquy in Dogtown – Cape Ann"

Essex painter and poet Barbara Aparo's "The Dogtown Linens" based on her three Dogtown canvasses.


The Playwright

Read... Playwright J. J. Coyle's "Pathways"

The Professors


Francis Blessington's "Paper Like Snow" about a mysterious encounter at Whale's Jaw

Francis Blessington's "Afloat in Dogtown Moraine" inspired by Dogtown's rocks

Francis Blessington's "Dogtown (1719-1830)" and experience Dogtown in winter

Carl Carlsen's "The Rumble of Rock," inspired by John Sloan’s painting "Dogtown, Ruined Blue Fences"

Carl Carlsen's "Earthen Spheres," inspired by John Sloan’s painting "Dogtown Common"

Carl Carlsen’s "City of Blue Light," inspired by John Sloan’s painting "Evening, Dogtown"

James R. Scrimgeour's "Dolphin’s Jaw," about an unexpected Dogtown discovery

James R. Scrimgeour's "Finally Found," about what happens when he finally finds Whale’s Jaw

James R. Scrimgeour's "Whale’s Jaw, 2012," which describes the diminished Whale’s Jaw, with its fallen jaw