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Nahant: Poetry by the Sea

Contemporary Poets of Nahant



Two poems by Essex County’s great poet of places, Tom Sheehan:

The Stone Menagerie” and experience the solemn heaviness of the shoreline’s rocks

Transworld Flight” and soar about the horizon


The Gulls of Nahant” by Conrad Squires and “Surfacing” by Bonnie Bishop, poems about birds in flight by Little Nahant’s married poets

Two poems about shoreline by Polly Bradley:

“Sources of Strength” a sonnet inspired by a walk at the ocean’s edge

What happened to a “Skipping Stone”


About tidal rhythms of “Short Beach: 2005” by Maureen Lynch Edison

Robert Risch’sBeach Pebbles” and observe a beach rock closely

Rozi Theohari’sThe Nahant Island” and see the difference between Nahant during the day and at night