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Nahant: Poetry by the Sea


Photographs, Postcards, Paintings, Illustrations


East Point

Entrance to Swallows’ Cave

Swallows’ Cave exterior

Pea Island seen from Swallows’ Cave

Rocks at East Point water’s edge

Gull on East Point rock

Flowers at East Point with Egg Rock in background

Flowers at East Point water’s edge

Trawler seen from East Point

Crevice at East Point

East Point location of first U.S. lawn tennis game

Post cards

East Point with Castle Rock

East Point looking over Gravel Beach to Swallows' Cave

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge estate

Lodge estate library and billiard room

Nahant Chasm and Natural Bridge at East Point

Pulpit Rock

Swallows’ Cave


Steamboat Landing near Swallows' Cave

“View of Pea Island” by John Erik Christian Petersen - 1870

“Ruins of Nahant Hotel, East Point” by John Amory Codman circa - 1850

“Steamboat Landing near Swallows’ Cave” unknown artist circa - 1850

Pulpit Rock” by Anne E. Johnson circa - 1870

“Pulpit Rock” unknown artist late - 1800’s

“Nahant Hotel, East Point” by Albert Van Beest - 1854


Nahant Hotel

“Nahant Hotel” lithograph by Fitz Henry Lane - 1836

Swallows’ Cave

Pulpit Rock