Thomas Porter

Portrait of Thomas PorterTHOMAS PORTER (1847-1927) was mayor of Lynn in 1907, and served terms in both houses of the state legislature, and in city government. His poetry was often published in Lynn and Boston newspapers, and was collected in his book, City Songs and Country Carols, published in 1906. Porter's High Rock poem includes a description of how various types of visitors can be inspired by High Rock.



High Rock




In Lynn's midst is High Rock, on which we
With all its varied view on every hand.
Here children come to while an hour away,
Who make of life a sunny holiday,
To hear the stories told of other days,
Of men whose deeds deserve our meed of praise.

Here come the aged, who, thro' smiles and tears,
Gaze out afar to bygone happy years,
Looking beyond, to sunsets in the west,
Hoping, yet dreaming, of the land of rest.

Here may the artist, when to art inclined,
Delight his eyes and inspiration find,
'Mid scenes, with varied hues so delicate,
He ne'er can equal-only imitate.

Here may the lover with his love repair,
See rays of sunshine gild her wavy hair,
Her cheeks grow redder and her eyes more
So shall his heart be filled with love's delight,
While she, transfigured at his very side,
May name the day when she will be his bride.

Here may the poet wend his thoughtful way,
On nature's lap his dreamy head to lay,
There catch outpourings of her mighty soul
Which, in his song may down the ages roll,
Bearing his name, yet with this one desire-
The sad to cheer, the hopeless to inspire;
And tho', at times, perhaps misunderstood,
His highest wish for mankind's brotherhood.


from: City Songs and Country Carols (Boston: Richard G. Badger) 1906.