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Lynn Woods & Dungeon Rock
Photographs, Postcards, Paintings




Along Jackson Path to Dungeon Rock

Along Cooke Road to the Stone Tower on Burrill Hill

Along Great Woods Road to the Steel Tower on Mount Gilead

"Lynn Woods Treasures" Photography by Kurt Eddy






Burrill Hill Wooden Tower

Dungeon Rock Road with walkers and carriage

Dungeon Rock Road

Path to Dungeon Rock

Dungeon Rock

Great Woods Road

Lantern Rock Path & Breed's Pond






The Pirate Thomas Veal - artist unknown

Clorinda (Veal's wife) - artist unknown

Arabella (kidnapped by pirate Veal) - artist unknown

Penny Brook in Lynn Woods - artist unknown

Lynn Woods Pond and Road at Sunset - artist unknown

Lynn Woods Pond and Road during Daylight - artist unknown

Road into Lynn Woods - artist unknown

Hillside Landscape by Edward Burrill - (a Lynn Beach painter)

Owl in Lynn Woods (1997) by Yetti Frenkel