Joe BoydJOE BOYD   (1946 -     )   moved to Lynn in 1971 after serving in the Peace Corps in Africa. He soon began writing songs about Lynn, and over the years, quite a few of them, including “Peabody Is Jealous,” “Strawberry Brook,” “Gene Howard,” and “Billy’s Pepper Steak” have become popular with his audiences. “Lost in the Woods” was written at the request of The Friends of the Lynn Woods to celebrate the 80th birthday of Stanley Cooke and to commemorate the naming of a road in Lynn Woods for him in 1993.  In 2004, Joe Boyd was featured as “Lynn’s Troubadour” at the annual Celebration of the Poetry of Lynn cosponsored by the Lynn Museum and North Shore Community College.  At NSCC, Boyd was the face of the Center for Alternative Studies for over three decades before retiring in 2011. Currently he works on behalf of homeowners and tenants in foreclosure for Lynn United for Change. Joe Boyd performs at the International Festival in Lynn every June and at the Essex Music Festival in every August. In “Lost in the Woods,” Boyd advises listeners that to be lost in Lynn Woods is to lose yourself in Nature.

Hear and see Joe Boyd sing "Lost in the Woods"




I have no gripe with city life
  But sometimes you need a change of view
So take a little side trip like Henry David did
     And get lost for a year or maybe two

   Lost in the woods, lost in the woods
Lost in the woods again
Somebody’s calling me but I can’t hear it
I’m just lost in the woods again


I went to the woods, I strayed from the path
I came upon my little woodland friends
They seem to say “Oh, coitus interruptus”
Are you lost in the woods again?



Some people have a fear of height
Some fear the dark at night
Some fear the woods for fear of losing their way
But I’m just lost in the woods again



If you lose your watch you might lose track of the time
You lose your house key and you’re locked out
But if you lose yourself out in Lynn Woods
That’s what it’s all about



Do you want to smell the flowers?
Or see a stand of pine or find the joining place of pond and brook
Well, you can have it all and if you need
Someone to guide you, I recommend old Stanley Cooke



 Well, you can squeeze through tight places
You can gaze across grand spaces, cool your feet by the water’s shore
  Just take things as they are, hey, is that a burnt out car
It’s only ninety-nine point forty-four percent pure





Courtesy:  Joe Boyd