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Poets and Poetry of Gloucester Harbor

The Jodrey State Fish Pier


Three poems from poet-photographer Clarence Manning Falt's Wharf & Fleet which presents a poem for each step of the fishing process:

"Baiting Up" about preparing to catch fish

"Splittin' Er Trip" about offloading fish at the wharf

"Th' Fish-Skinner" about processing fish inside the pier



Three poems by Poet Laureate Vincent Ferrini about the symbolism of fishing:

"The White Underbelly of the Fish" which captures the poet's zest for life

"The Harbor" which shows the poet's love for the harbor

"A Preface to the Art of Fishing" which describes the force driving the creator of Know Fish


Magnolia poet John Ronan's "Good Harbor, Home" a civic poem written for Gloucester's 2002 mayoral inauguration.